Sold On A Cure

What Does This Mean?

"Sold on a Cure" allows me to voluntarily make a donation from the sale of each home, whether it be a purchase or a sale, directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Being an avid runner, I also give additional support during the annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.

Primary Prevention Research studies the food we eat, the physical activity we do, our hormones, and the environment in which we live and work - and how they influence breast cancer risk. The ultimate goal is to provide people with information about how they can reduce their risk of breast cancer by making changes in their lives.

In addition to Primary Prevention Research. RE/MAX is supporting a survey of women in Ontario to understand public awareness, attitudes, behaviours, and responses to breast health and breast cancer issues. This survey is part of a multi-step research initiative called Breast Care in Ontario: Meeting the Need. By understanding women's needs and experiences, the Breast Care in Ontario: Meeting the Need initiative will improve our understanding of breast health and breast cancer care in Ontario and support the development of strategies to potentially improve these services and programs across the province.

Regular breast self-examinations are vital to early detection.