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With more than 200 artists, the São Paulo exhibition is a hemispheric treasure chest about resistance to racism. Its timing is apt.

10/16/2018 9:17:13 PM
af Klint, Hilma (1862-1944)

Spiritual sparks helped inspire the radical and visionary art of Hilma af Klint, the new (old) name to know. Her work is on view at the Guggenheim.

10/15/2018 8:14:37 AM

The Humboldt Forum, set to open in 2019, was meant to show Germany as confident and open to the world. But it has ignited a debate about the past.

10/15/2018 1:33:48 PM

In a commanding new exhibition at London’s Serpentine Galleries, the French artist makes images directly from brain activity — and adds 10,000 flies for good measure.

10/16/2018 2:01:41 PM

Led by Donald Judd’s children, Flavin and Rainer, it will eventually touch six of the 21 buildings the foundation owns in Texas and add programming space.

10/12/2018 1:48:12 PM

At the Museum of Modern Art, the first full-scale look at Charles White’s career in about three decades traces a broad pattern of 20th-century African-American life.

10/12/2018 1:46:26 PM

Banksy’s latest prank, which cost a European bidder $1.4 million, has been renamed and recertified.

10/11/2018 5:47:07 PM

She constructs scenes of African-Americans that merge life with the strangeness of dreams. “Her ability to get people to drop their guard is stunning,” a curator says.

10/11/2018 2:21:58 PM

Touring a multimedia experience dedicated to the 1960s group with one of its founders.

10/12/2018 9:41:18 AM

Stephen Mueller’s “Orchidaceous”; Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s glass works; Mahmoud Khaled’s photo installations; Chelsea Culprit’s mixed-media paintings; and Minus Space’s three-woman show.

10/17/2018 1:14:10 PM